Safer Internet Day

On February 5th 2013 it is Safer Internet Day around the world. At Norbridge we will be discussing how to stay safe online in a special whole school assembly as well as having discussions and follow up activities in class. Watch this space to find out more…

La Fete des Rois

This week’s International Assembly is all about La Fete des Rois, which is the French celebration of The Epiphany on January 6th.

French families buy and eat a special pastry cake called a gallette. Each cake comes with a special golden crown. They have very special traditions when eating this cake, such as the youngest child of the family sits under the table and decides which member of the family should eat each piece.

A little similar to our traditional 6 pence in a Christmas pudding, hidden within the galette is a small toy called a feve. It is often made of china and could be in the shape of a shoe, figure or coin. The person who finds the feve in his or her slice is then king or queen for the day, and can wear the golden crown.

A galette is made of flaky pastry, with a kind of almond pasts, similar to marzipan inside. They are quite large and are available to buy in most traditional boulangeries (bakers) in France, particulary around the time of Epiphany but in some shops they are available all year.

There is a traditional story in France called Roule Galette, all about a runaway galette that is chased by different animals – does it remind you of a story you have read before?


French Art Week

At Norbridge we are very much looking forward to our upcoming French Art Week. During this week we will have our normal lessons each morning, but every afternoon will be completely different!

Each class, from Foundation One to Y6, will participate in a range of art and craft activities, and each one will be linked in some way to France. We will be producing work linked to the French landscape, landmarks, food, culture and traditions, as well as of course using French artists as inspiration. We are even planning on having some of our best work framed and will then be inviting members of the community to visit our pop-up art gallery and admire (plus possibly purchase!) some of our art work.

Watch this space to find out more, and be sure to visit our class blogs and website to keep track of what we are doing.

Christmas in France – Le Saint Nicolas

Before Christmas, as part of our ongoing international work, we had an assembly all about Le Saint Nicolas. We found out about who he is, how he is similar to Santa, or Father Christmas, but slightly different, and we also learnt that in France, Le Saint Nicolas is celebrated on December 6th! Instead of putting stockings out for presents, French children leave their shoes by the fireplace, and also children leave a carrot and some sugar for his donkey – just like we often leave a carrot and mince pie for Father Christmas and Rudolf.

We also learnt about Le Pere Fouettard, who sounded very mean and would teach naughty children how to behave! He looked a little bit spooky and we were all very glad we do not have him in the UK.

We discovered that celebrating Le Saint Nicolas means French children receive some presents 3 weeks before Christmas, which we thought sounded fantastique!

Welcome to International Norbridge

Over the last year Norbridge Academy has done lots of collaborative work with schools around the world. We’ve sent Christmas cards to Canada, exchanged recipes with India, learnt all about Peace Day in Avíla, Spain, and shared lots of comments with schools in New Zealand, the UK, the USA plus Australia through Quadblogging. In September 2012 we created a link with a school in Nantes, France. We have already exchanged introductory letters between classes and have many more exciting cross-cultural activities timetabled. We are always on the lookout for new friends around the world, and want to use this blog as a way of sharing views, ideas and suggestions with others all around the world.